Islam - Parents Rights
 Islam - Explained
 Islam and monotheism
 Islam - True religion
 Concept of God in Islam
 Social Justice in History
 Prophet  Muhammed(s)
 Islamic moral codes
 Islam and Sacrifice
 Top ten misconceptions 
 Islam in Hinduism

 Islam in Sikhism  

 One billion Muslims...
 When I prayed to God..
 Misquoted verses 
 The Muslim Jesus(pbuh)
 Coexistence with Hindus
 Religious tolerance
 True woman liberation
 Domestic Violence
 Portrayal in Qur'an
 Distorted Image
 Hijab - a Suppression?
 Raising up daughters
 Most respected women
 Gory tales of war crimes
 Honor killings
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This section attempts to provide an overview of Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. To introduce Islam as a religion and a way of lifestyle. The ideas and thoughts embedded therein. I request my readers to keep an open mind while going through these articles because things make much more sense when you analyze them without any preconceived notions and biases. You are surely going to realize that the depicted image of Muslims as highlighted by the media of today is not what the Islam as a religion preaches...and some of the ignorant Muslims portray ( I prefer to call them as bad apples in a bunch).


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One of the most original in thoughts, ideas and highly authentic sites that I've come across. The site is ever vibrant with the most extensive database of online fatwa's and wise counseling.

Must Remember

Allah(swt) says in (Holy Qur'an 13:11) "Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves."

"O community of people who believed by their tongue and belief did not enter their hearts, do not back-bite Muslims, and do not search for their faults; for if anyone searches for their faults, Allah will search for his fault. and if Allah searches for the fault of anyone, He disgraces him in his house. (Dawud 41 #4862).


 An introduction to Salat
 Ch1 - Ablution
 Ch2 - Times, place etc
 Ch3 - Azan & Iqamah
 Ch4 - Conduct of salat
 Ch5 - Eid, Juma, travel
 Salat - Why in Arabic?
 Maintain Concentration
 Differences for sexes
 Missed prayers
 Postures link (Audio) 
 Varied situations
 Significance of Hajj
 Significance of sacrifice
 Polygamy in Islam
 Abortion is murder
 What's in a paradise?
 Marriages of Prophet (sw)
 Family planning
 Muta'- Is it allowed?
 Love Affairs- caution!
 To be a Shia or a Sunni
 And what about men?
 When will we learn?
 It's Importance
 Mutual Rights & Duties
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